SINCE 1977


Miguel Krigsner opens the O Boticário apothecary in Curitiba, Brazil. The very first few beauty products, a seaweed-based moisturizing lotion and shampoo, were both created using a kitchen mixer.


In 1977, pharmacist Miguel Krigsner created a personalized wellness experience through his warm and welcoming apothecary, O Boticário. 

What started as a custom-made, personal experience and a true love note to Brazil's people and natural riches, soon evolved into the beauty ecosystem we call Boticário Group, comprising of 6 brands, a Foundation, and an Institute. Still today, the love for human relations and nature is our compass, and it's what drove us to become the most beloved cosmetics brand in Brazil, with over 3,600 locations in the country and over 600 locations across the world. We also hold the title of the 6th most sustainable beauty company globally for four consecutive years*.

Love for nature. Love for the planet. Love for people. This is what O Boticário has and always will hold close to its heart.

We believe where there is love, there is beauty. ❤