Our Commitment


O Boticário was created with one word in mind: Love. Love for nature. Love for the planet. Love for the people. Over the last 40 years, these principles have led to the development of a brand that not only infuses love into each and every product, but gives that love back to the environment in a number of ways.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Collections

The O Boticário Group has received two important certificates that recognize its commitment to developing products that are cruelty-free: Beauty Without Bunnies from PETA and Leaping Bunny from Cruelty Free International. In addition to these two designations, O Boticário was the first cosmetics company in Brazil to develop a 3D technology that replicates skin to provide a way to test products that does not involve the use animals or humans. In addition to its commitment not to test on animals, O Boticário offers several products that are vegan and continue to develop collections that are cruelty-free.

The O Boticário Group Foundation

In 1990, Miguel Krigsner, founder of O Boticário, created the O Boticário Group Foundation for Nature Protection, a non-profit organization maintained by the O Boticário Group with the intention to develop initiatives that will help to preserve the beauty of Brazil. Each year, the Group allocates 1% of its annual net revenue to the Private Social Investment Policy that integrates three areas of action: to maintain the balance of nature in Brazil, to seek innovative solutions to biodiversity and to work to reinforce the importance of nature conservation for everyone's quality of life to the people of Brazil.

Salto Morato

Biodiversity Efforts

One of the O Boticário Group Foundation's first initiatives was the Public Announcement for Support. Over the last two decades they have supported over 1,500 initiatives across the country which equates to over 1,000 years dedicated to conservation in Brazil. These programs are geared towards the conservation of species and ecosystems across the country, as well as assisting with the implementation of public policies that work to protect the biodiversity of Brazil.

Learn more about the biodiversity efforts of the Boticário Group Foundation here.

Nature Based Solutions

Inspired by nature and based in finding social and economic benefits to help protect the land, the Foundation has supported several studies modeled after the Sustainable Development arm of the United Nations. From understanding how to reduce the cost of water treatment to the study of the long-term effects of climate change, the Foundation is committed to finding solutions to the numerous issues that Brazil faces with regards to its ecosystem.

To read more about Nature based solutions and how the O Boticário Group Foundation is working to better understand climate chance, visit their here.

Business and Biodiversity

Lastly, the Boticário Foundation believes that biodiversity will aid in the implementation of solutions that address the social and economic challenges that face Brazil today and in the future. They have worked to develop innovative business models have the potential to generate a positive impact and will contribute to solving the world's socio-environmental challenges. Incorporating nature conservation into the social finance agenda is essential.

To learn how the Foundation is helping to find long term solutions to this issue, visit the foundation site.

The Future of O Boticário

O Boticário continues to look to the future, leading the way in the research of sustainable alternatives that can be implemented across the brand. These alternatives will not only help O Boticário to evolve but will work to support the basis of all that O Boticário holds dear: Love for nature. Love for the planet. Love for the people.