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Cuide-se Bem Peach "Bumbum" Set
Cuide-se Bem Peach "Bumbum" Set

Cuide-se Bem Peach "Bumbum" Set

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Believe it if you will, but the secret of a peach-soft bumbum (that's how we call the ūüćĎ in Brazil) is the Cuide-se Bem Peach "Bumbum" Set! With natural ingredients, this¬†routine is formulated with Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid that leaves the skin soft, hydrated and healthy, in addition to:

- Evening skin texture;

- Relieving skin discomfort caused by ingrown hairs, waxing and pimples;

- Reducing and preventing acne and ingrown butt hair in up to 10 days;

- Stimulates cell renewal;

- Reduces and prevents acne and ingrown butt hair in up to 10 days.

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Cuide-se Bem Peach "Bumbum" Mask - 230g | 8.11 fl oz - With a thick and smooth texture like marshmallow, this mask is a treat to apply. It will be your greatest ally in butt skincare.

Cuide-se Bem Peach "Bumbum" Scrub - 230g | 8.11 fl oz - Eliminating dead cells is super easy with the Cuide-se Bem Peach Scrub. 100% vegan and formulated with Niacinamide and Exfoliating Apricot Seeds, it offers a gentle exfoliation without harming you, topped with the scent of peaches.

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