Floratta Blue Mini Gift Set - O Boticário -Floratta-Gifts
NEW Floratta Blue Mini Mother's Day Gift Set - O Boticário -Floratta-Gifts
NEW Floratta Blue Mini Mother's Day Gift Set - O Boticário -Floratta-Gifts

Floratta Blue Mini Gift Set

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This set includes:

Mini Floratta Blue Eau de Toilette - 30ml | 1 fl. oz - An essentially feminine fragrance that inspires happiness, love and all things positive. This sublime fragrance's olfactory family consists of a pure, passionate blend, just like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Floratta Blue Moisturizing Body Lotion - 75g | 2.64 oz - This Moisturizing Body Lotion offers the attention your skin needs. Hydration and care are wrapped up into one lotion that is easily absorbed by your skin, giving it a soft, velvety touch.

Floratta Blue Hand Cream - 30g | 1 oz - This moisturizing hand cream repairs and reduces the appearance of dry skin all while giving off the sophisticated fragrance of Floratta Blue.

 *Exclusively hers: this product is a limited edition available only while supplies last

Made in Brazil


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