Glamour Duo Fragrance Gift Set
Glamour Duo Fragrance Gift Set
Glamour Duo Fragrance Gift Set

Glamour Duo Fragrance Gift Set

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Charming, joyful and glamorous - like her! This gift set is perfect to show appreciation for women all around, always flourishing with creativity and sweetness. 

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Glamour Eau de Toilette for Women - 75ml | 2.5 fl. oz - Our best-selling women's fragrance emphasizes the charm and elegance of each and every woman. In its essence, it conveys mandarin orange, which refers you back to childhood, happiness and joyfulness; neroli, that has a spicy, refreshing and different aroma with sweet and floral characteristics; and other delicious essences that make Glamour a unique fragrance.

Glamour Secrets Black Eau de Toilette - 2.5 fl.oz / 75ml - Boosting the charm & elegance of each & every woman, this fragrance conveys the happiness and joyfulness of mandarin orange with the spicy freshness of neroli, as well as sweet and floral accents.

Exclusive Pink Travel Bag

Cruelty Free
Made in Brazil


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