Glamour Holiday Gift Set - O Boticário US -Glamour-Gifts
Glamour Holiday Gift Set - O Boticário US -Glamour-Gifts
Glamour Holiday Gift Set - O Boticário US -Glamour-Gifts
Glamour Holiday Gift Set - O Boticário US -Glamour-Gifts

Glamour Gift Set

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If her natural charm is what you most love about her, this is her gift: a charismatic collection of Glamour favorites plus the Beauty Sleep Exclusive Set. This set for Women is the perfect holiday gift wrapped up into a signature O Boticário holiday gift box.

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Glamour Eau de Toilette - 75ml I 2.5 fl.oz - Glamour for Women is a fragrance favorite that emphasizes the charm & elegance of each & every woman. In its essence, it conveys mandarin orange, (happiness and joyfulness), neroli, (spicy and refreshing) and sweet and floral characteristics.

Glamour Moisturizing Body Lotion - 200ml I 6.7 fl.oz- Bring a feminine, charming and elegant fragrance to your skin. The moisturizing lotion provides hydration for up to 48 hours, is easy to apply and its quick absorption does not leave the skin sticky. Soft, fragrant skin with a revitalized feel from the first application.

Beauty Sleep Set - This cozy set includes two golden silk pillowcases and two golden silk scrunchies to pamper your skin and hair, ensuring you wake up refreshed and radiant after a well deserved night of beauty sleep.


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