Lily Absolu Hand Cream
Lily Absolu Hand Cream

Lily Absolu Hand Cream

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The newest item added to the Best Selling Lily portfolio, Absolu Moisturizing Hand Cream for Women is a quick absorption formulation, which leaves a satin touch to your hands. In addition to moisturizing your hands and cuticles, it perfumes with the sophisticated fragrance of Lily Absolu, which brings the exclusive Lirio de Grasse, cultivated in Jardim do Boticário in Grasse, France, the city recognized as the cradle of perfumery.

Compliment your beauty regimen with the Lily Absolu Satin Body Cream and Lily Absolu Eau de Parfum For Women

*Product packaging may vary but each item has the same incredible benefits & ingredients that you love!

50 g I 1.7oz
Made in Brazil


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