Lily Deluxe Gift Set - O Boticário -Lily-Gifts
Lily Deluxe Mother's Day Gift Set - O Boticário -Lily-Gifts
Lily Deluxe Mother's Day Gift Set - O Boticário -Lily-Gifts
Lily Deluxe Mother's Day Gift Set - O Boticário -Lily-Gifts

Lily Deluxe Gift Set

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For the powerful woman, a powerful Lily Set. The classics and most loved Lily brand has three of your favorites in one EXCLUSIVE, limited time Gift Set.

This set includes:

Lily Eau de Parfum for Women - 75ml | 2.5oz - Our best-selling women's fragrance. Through the artisan handcrafted process of enfleurage, essential oils of the delicate lily flower are extracted to provide the essence of this enticing, crisp and gorgeous perfume.

Lily Satin Hydrating Body Cream for Women - 250g | 8.8oz - The best-selling women's moisturizer in both the US and Brazil. Lightly scented, this cream highlights the essence of the feminine Stargazer Lily blended with the fresh notes of the classic Eau de Parfum.

Lily Hand Cream - 50g | 1.7oz - Give your hands special care with the hydrating Lily Hand Cream. The texture dries quickly and hydrates the cuticles while also creating a velvety and protective film that leaves the skin soft and satiny to the touch, repairing and reducing the appearance of dry skin.


Made in Brazil


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