Lily Satin Body Wash
Lily Satin Body Wash

Lily Satin Body Wash

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Lily Satin Body Wash deeply cleans and hydrates, transforming your shower into a sophisticated ritual with the luxurious fragrance of our beloved Lily, delivering a high level of the fragrance you already know and love: Lily.

With a distinctive texture, this Lily liquid soap brings a sensorial experience with:

  • Creamy foam;
  • Satin feel;
  • Gentle cleansing, without drying.
  • Scented skin

The result is a unique moment of self-care with the adored Lily fragrance.


Lily believes that your scent is part of who you are. The newest Lily launch brings your favorite fragrance in new products with comforting, satiny textures that will make your self-care moments even more pleasurable.

Compliment your beauty regimen with Lily Bath & Body Set for Women

250ml | 8.8 fl. oz.
Made in Brazil


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