Malbec Deluxe Gift Set
Malbec Deluxe Gift Set
Malbec Deluxe Gift Set
Malbec Deluxe Gift Set
Malbec Deluxe Gift Set

Malbec Deluxe Gift Set

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Enjoy the best Malbec has to offer plus an Exclusive travel bag to store everything elegantly. The absolute perfect gift wrapped up into one beautiful signature O Boticário gift box.

Exclusively yours, this set includes:

Malbec Cologne for Men - 100 ml | 3.4oz - Malbec, the best-selling men's cologne from O Boticário is the first cologne for men to share the same blending method as some of the world's finest wines. Sleek in its eco-conscious design and sophisticated in its blend of contemporary scents, Malbec is made from fresh woody notes and is the most masculine of scents.

Malbec Club Beard Shampoo - 100ml | 3.38 oz - Upgrade your grooming routine with Shampoo made specifically for your beard. Malbec Club Beard Shampoo leaves your beard feeling soft, well conditioned and clean with the use of grape extract which is one of the main ingredients.

Malbec Club After Shave - 100g | 3.5 oz - Suitable for all skin types, Malbec Club After Shave for Men helps reduce irritations and does not leave the skin greasy. This after shave has an innovative formula containing extract of aloe vera, which soothes and softens the skin after shaving, leaving a refreshing feeling and delicate scent.

Malbec Club Shaving Cream
- 150g | 5.3oz. - A light shaving cream that has a texture which allows the blade of the razor to easily do it's job. With a special formula, it does not foam, minimizes irritation and does not dry out the skin.

Malbec Club Pre and After Shave Oil - 25ml | 0.8 fl.oz - Ideal for a man's shaving routine. Leave the skin soft and hydrated daily while allowing your skin to have a scent that mimics the sophistication Malbec Cologne. Easy to apply using the convenient dropper.

Cruelty Free
Made in Brazil



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