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Malbec Bleu Mini Cologne for Men 10ml

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Malbec is the world’s first fragrance produced with Alcohol macerated in French oak barrels, which makes it woody and remarkable.

Perfect for on the go and for travel - Inspired by the blue color, Malbec Bleu Cologne for Men brings a striking freshness to Malbec's woody heart. The Malbec Bleu Mini Cologne is ideal for the man who loves the Malbec brand.

Malbec Bleu is the first Malbec in the Fougére Woody scent family and the freshest. The cologne brings an exclusive combination of strength and sensuality of the woody notes of Sandalwood and Oak Moss with the intense and sophisticated freshness of the marine notes of Aquozone®.

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10ml | 0.34oz
Made in Brazil


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